We are the Colony to Society Association

A Non-Profit Helping Hutterites Establish a Life Outside of the Colony.

It's hard to find a job and a home outside the colony, we're here to help.

More About The Colony to Society Association

The Colony to Society Association was founded in 2018, creating a voice for Hutterite people. Our goal is to create a seamless transition from leaving the colony to safely prepare  housing, financial support and outside life training. Once a choice has been made we take the fear out of leaving, with hundreds of volunteers all over Canada that understand and support this difficult position Hutterites face.
Through not only volunteer and public support, we will leverage the personal skills of some individuals, to create business partnerships. This will allow community involvement to profit financially, the Hutterite individual and benefit the Colony to Society Association. We will also donate a portion of all profits to other charities and organizations keen to offer help and support.
We are currently operating through this volunteer network but hope to have “The Starbrite Garden” Hutterite Help Center Spring 2022…opening in Calgary, Alberta.

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