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The Colony to Society Association - The Colony to Society Association

The Colony to Society Association

Building The Bridge From Colony To Society

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We are the Colony to Society Association

A Non-Profit Helping Hutterites Establish a Life Outside of the Colony.

It's hard to find a job and a home outside the colony, we're here to help.

The Numbers

Plus Hutterite Colonies in North America
Are in Canada
People In Total

Choosing The

Path to Freedom

Services Offered

Pickup From Colony

We can assist you in your initial decision to leave the colony.


We help Hutterites find housing that is safe, clean and affordable. We also help with applications and work with local communities who already stand behind our mission and values.


Finding work is often one of the hardest challenges for Hutterites as there isn’t a lot of relevant job experience that applies to what most companies hire for. We help with resumes, job applications and more.


Many Hutterites looking to establish themselves outside of the colony life need to relocate to different provinces or cities for work or family purposes, your donations help us make this a possibility.


We help with School supplies, backpacks, glue sticks, books, courses, certifications, applications and more, all funded by your support.

Starting a Business Support

We help Hutterites to fulfill their dream of starting a new business, with funding and business plan support.

Pickup From Colony




Business Support


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